Post Apocalyptic New Genesis Stories


Let me introduce you to a young woman and her adventures in a time and place that do not exist in the past, the present or even the future, and yet, lo and behold, here they are for you to enjoy, dear visitor.

At least that is the idea and hope...

Please proceed by choosing one of the links below to start browsing the images available; "First" will take you to the first image – surprise, surprise – which is also where the "Next" link will take you.  Life is full of choices, so why deny you the pleasure of a semi-free choice?
        There are of course no previous images, since this page itself is before any of them, so that in not an option, I fear. However, you can opt to skip to the final image, or the last image added, in case you have been here before and merely wish to catch up, or perhaps you like doing things the backward way.  Once again, the choice is yours, dearest visitant.

Alas, there are but a few measly images to be found here, and they all are portraits more than anything...

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